In view of rising temperatures, the Studierendenwerk on the Morgenstelle in Tübingen has expanded its range of refreshing snacks and drinks. Since the beginning of the summer semester, the cafeteria has been selling a yoghurt dessert similar to ice cream: frozen yoghurt, colloquially known as “FroJo”.

The white, creamy yoghurt mass consists of yoghurt and skimmed milk and is made fresh daily in a special machine. The snack is served with an individual “topping” such as fruit, brittle or chocolate lentils.

In addition, guests at the location can look forward to milkshakes and smoothies every day from 11 am. The Studierendenwerk has set up a special smoothie bar for this purpose. The sustainable highlight: the drinks are served with glass straws.

The freezer in the cafeteria is also filled to the brim. Here, students can choose between different types of ice cream.

And as if all this wasn’t summery enough, the Studierendenwerk has set up 20 comfortable deck chairs on the cafeteria terraces. From now on, our guests can make themselves comfortable here after a strenuous lecture.

Fabio Di Mineo, head of the cafeterias, is happy about the summery offer: “With freshly prepared milkshakes, smoothies and frozen yoghurt, we make sure that our students keep a cool head in high temperatures”.



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