KfW student loan

Money for education

As a partner of the state KfW development bank, the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim offers advice for students locally, it acts as the agent for the KfW student loan and it conducts the identification check required by law.

Who can receive support?


Students (regardless of their own income or that of their parents), who are aged between 18 and 44 and are studying at a state or state recognised college with its headquarters in Germany on a part-time or full-time basis or as part of their occupational training, can receive support if they meet the following conditions:

They are

  • a German citizen or
  • a family member of a German citizen and are staying with this person in Germany (their citizenship does not play a role here) or
  • an EU citizen and have been legally living in Germany constantly for at least three years or
  • a family member of this kind of EU citizen and are staying with this person in Germany (their citizenship or the time spent in Germany so far does not play a role here) or
  • an educational resident..


A summary

  • Loan amount and term

    Funding amounts of between EUR 100 and EUR 650 are disbursed every month. The term of the support during first and second degrees is no more than 14 semesters.

  • Interest

    The interest charges are variable and are adjusted in line with developments on the capital markets every year. Starting from the beginning of the repayment period, you have the possibility to arrange a fixed rate for the remaining period of the contract either per 1st of April or per 1st of October. The current interest rates can be found on the Internet at www.kfw.de.

  • Repayment

    The repayment of the loan takes place in monthly instalments after you have started work and may take up to 25 years.