Insurance policies

Study and be well insured

The Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim has taken out various insurance policies for students at the universities looked after by the Studierendenwerk so that they are adequately insured on their way to university and back home and in the Studierendenwerk’s and university’s facilities. If you need to make a claim, please get in touch with us.

State accident insurance scheme

Students are insured via the state accident insurance scheme during lectures, seminars etc. and on their way to and from the university (physical injuries, damage to property).

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Student accident insurance

(to cover private leisure, valid in Germany and abroad)

The Studierendenwerk maintains an accident insurance policy with the following insurance benefits for all students properly enrolled at the universities associated with it:

  • EUR 5,200 compensation in case of death
  • EUR 23,100 invalidity benefits with a progressive invalidity scale
  • EUR 5,200 transitional benefits
  • EUR 2,000 recovery costs
  • EUR 1,300 medical expenses

Insurance protection exists for students in the case of accidents that occur in connection with their course and the university if the state accident insurance scheme does not provide any insurance protection (e.g. during private leisure times).

  • Accidents are therefore covered outside the university and beyond the direct journey to and from the university, i.e. those accidents that are not regarded as accidents in the sense of Section 8 of the VII Social Security Code or as accidents at work in the sense of the Rules of Provision for Civil Servants and Soldiers. In any cases of doubt, the decision made by the responsible body in the state accident insurance scheme or the authority responsible for accidents at work is final.
  • The scheme particularly covers accidents in Germany and abroad, which occur in direct connection with teaching situations or events organised by the student body. It does not matter where the teaching or events occur. Cover is also provided for field trips, inspection visits and other spheres directly connected to events at the university, the student body or the Studierendenwerk.
  • Insurance cover is also provided for sports events, which are organised by the official university centres or the student body or are held on their behalf.
  • The cover also includes sporting activities during leisure times, but not those connected to sports organised by an association.
  • Cover is also available for work at an academic institute, if the university organises this. This also applies to academic work and activities for medical students in the relevant scientific institutes and hospitals during the semester and the semester holidays. The accident insurance also covers any accidents occurring in daily life if they lead to death.

The Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim has agreed certain extensions to the normal conditions in the accident insurance scheme.

They include

  • additional medical expenses to eliminate the results of accidents within the first year up to an amount of EUR 1,300 per insured event
  • including the risk of infection in the accident insurance scheme
  • special risk enhancement to include damage to health caused by x-rays in the accident insurance scheme.

Please note that this description of the accident insurance cover can only form an extract of the insurance conditions forming the basis of the agreement organised by the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim.

If you have an accident, please notify the Studierendenwerk’s office that is responsible for you immediately.

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Clothing and bicycle insurance

(Theft insurance)

The Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim has taken out a clothing and bicycle insurance policy for all the students at the universities associated with it. The compensation per claim is restricted to EUR 250.

The insurance company replaces the following as part of the compensation limit mentioned above:

  • In cases of loss, the current market value based on the replacement value, fairly taking into account the difference between old and new;
  • In cases of damage, the repair costs minus the increase in value caused by the repair work.

Students’ clothing, everyday items, learning tools and bikes are insured by the clothing and bicycle insurance scheme. The policy does not cover valuables, jewellery, other items made of precious metals, cash or other means of payment, any kind of business papers or documents, tickets or keys.

Risks and persons covered
The insurance company pays compensation for any loss or damage to the insured items. Insurance cover is also available for the insured items in the cloakrooms, for bicycles and accessories in the bike parking rooms and at the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim’s cycle parking areas in conjunction with the fulfilment of its tasks at the educational establishments assigned to it, if the students are there for lectures, exercises or events in connection with their course. The insurance policy also covers any time spent at the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim’s premises.

Excluded risks and damage
There is no insurance cover for risks and damage, which relate to the state of the items in the cloakrooms, or substances, which are located in cloakroom items, or the effects of the weather or the loss of contents from handbags or similar receptacles that are not closed, or any kind of war events, civil commotion, confiscation, seizure or other cases of intervention by higher authorities, political acts of violence or nuclear power.

It is obvious that we can only describe an extract of the insurance conditions at this point; if you have a claim, please contact the Studierendenwerk’s responsible office.

  • In the case of damage or loss, those insured must report the matter to the Studierendenwerk in writing on a pre-printed form that can be obtained immediately after discovering the loss, if they wish to lodge a claim.
  • If the damage is caused by theft, they must report the matter to the police immediately. This must take place before they report the damage caused by theft to the Studierendenwerk.
  • If the insured party learns about the whereabouts of clothing that has been lost, he or she must inform the insurance company immediately and work towards taking all the necessary steps to secure and recover the items.

If you have an accident, please notify the Studierendenwerk’s office that is responsible for you immediately.

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Contents insurance

(in the Studierendenwerk’s halls of residence)

The Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim has taken out contents insurance for all the students living in halls of residence operated by the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim. The compensation in any cases of damage is restricted to EUR 3,000 per student and room.

The Studierendenwerk’s contents insurance policy for halls of residence covers the students’ clothing items, items in everyday use, learning tools etc. There is cover for the following risks: fire (blaze, lightning strikes or explosions), mains water, theft by break-ins, robbery, vandalism after a break-in or storm/hail damage.

This insurance policy covers a person’s complete household and personal effects. They include all the items needed by a household as furniture or for use or consumption. Additional compensation limits apply to valuables, including cash.

Private contents
No complete insurance cover is provided by the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim for private contents in the locked student flats.

We recommend that you check in your personal situation (e.g. your parents’ house) to see whether any contents insurance exists that also covers your private contents at the student flat. If this kind of insurance cover exists, you should obtain written confirmation from the responsible insurer.

If no other insurance cover exists, we recommend that you take out your own private contents insurance.

Insurance cover for bicycles
Bicycles are not covered by normal contents insurance. They are, however, insured through the clothing and bicycle insurance (theft insurance) in the areas covered by the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim or the relevant university. Please read the precise information on this matter on this website.

If you have an accident, please notify the Studierendenwerk’s office that is responsible for you immediately.


In any case of loss or damage or if you require more information on all the insurance policies, please contact the following on Monday to Thursday mornings: